How You Can Take More Money from the Markets.

Simple Solutions for Every Trader


Even with the influx of new technology, coupled with the introduction of high-frequency trading, the ability to take money from the financial markets still remains more of an art than a science.

It does however have a few absolute laws, and judgment plays a critical role in your success. But your judgment has to be based on facts. Here is a way to arrive at the facts...

In this special report Trading with Certainty and Success, thirty year professional trader and educator James Hyerczyk takes you through eight sections that will dramatically help you to improve your trading no matter what you trade. If you are struggling with your success, consistency or managing losses what can you do to improve?

"Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be." -- John Wooden

Futures, Stocks, Options, Forex, Bonds, or ETFs. Every market, and every trade is based on math, probability, and statistics.

  1. Unlocking Success – Discipline is the Key
  2. Practice Discipline 100% of the Time and the Market Will Reward You
  3. Taking a Loss Doesn’t Make You a Loser
  4. Don’t Trade on Hope, Fear, of Greed
  5. Plan and Follow your Trading Strategy
  6. Size Does Matter
  7. Treat a Winning Open Position as if it is Your Money Now
  8. Win Some, Lose Some...Win More Often

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